Friday, February 13, 2009

Celebrate Love & Romance ~ A Valentine's Day Blog Party Giveaway! ~ Mimi's Rose Special Friend!

Today is a special day, it's a day of love, romance and sharing your heart with all the people you surround yourself with in your life!

I want to tell you about a very special friend of mine, who made me smile and laugh! She was very special to me, you knew you could always count on her when you were down, when you needed a cup of sugar and just wanted to share a cup of coffee with in the morning, or anytime! Her name was Agnes, "Ag" as we all called her! She could make you laugh even when your heart was blue or aching. She was my best friend! You always know when you meet someone you just "click" with and this was true for me!

I moved to North Carolina in 1996, not by choosing, but because of my husband's job being eliminated due to "base closures" when Clinton was in office! Oh, I didn't want to move, we had built our life, our home and memories in Virginia, but we had no choice! My husband had 8 years left before he could retire, my daughter, who was 16 at the time, still had college to attend and we knew couldn't send her to college without relocating and getting the retirement he had worked so hard for! So we moved! It was dreadful, in a new place, where we knew no one, had to make friends again and try to fit in! While we settled, bought an old house built in 1890, just to keep me and my mind occupied while I renovated and redecorated!

Well, about a year later, I hear all this commotion across the street, boy, were they loud! I thought to myself, "oh, great" what kind of neighbors are we getting!! Well, it was Ag and Kenny, they were from New Jersey and had rented the house from the previous couple who had renovated it and moved to another part of the city! Little did I know at the time, she would be one of my best friends! She was Italian, talked with a "Jersey" accent and said what she had to say! They were wonderful neighbors, we became very good friends, traveled, antiqued, dined and even had a "luau" party! They had bought property and Kenny was going to build a house on the land they had purchased!

Ag and I had so much fun looking for antique pieces to use in their new house! One day, we went antiquing and stopped at this little place, we found a gorgeous oak fireplace surround and an antique white iron bed! Well, actually I found the bed, and she oohed and aahed, asked me "Deb, you want this bed" (I have four bedrooms upstairs, anyway, I said "no, I don't", so she got it. It went into her new house in Bath! Every time I saw that bed, I drooled, but it was perfect for them! We always joked about it, because I told her more than once, I could kick myself for not getting, and she would say, "you had your chance, it's mine now!". We had so many wonderful times and I truly miss her! You see, she died on her birthday of cancer, after loosing her wonderful husband and friend, to pancreatic cancer, only five months before, not even suspecting she had cancer!

So, I dedicate this heart to my friend Ag, and wanted you to know the story behind this heart!

I was on eBay looking for beautiful crocheted doilies and roses. I emailed one of the sellers to ask a question about her beautiful work. Add a bit of info about me and she emailed back, told me she had a sister who lived where I do, mentioned their names and I also most fell over, it was Ag's sister! What fate it was, she is now my friend, though lives in another state, and crochets the most beautiful things, you can find her on etsy!

Anyway, it's been almost three years since my dear sweet friend traveled to heaven to be with her husband and best friend, Kenny. Her sister, Mary Ann, made this heart for me, so I am passing it on to someone who will cherish it and understand the true meaning of love, remembering to always treasure your family, friends and life! I hope you will treasure this heart as a gift from me to you!!

Now that you have read the story behind this heart. Here is what I ask you to do for the Valentine's Day Blog Party ~ look for the Pink Bling Giveaway, leave a comment there and come back and leave a kind comment here on this post. You will have to post in both the "Pink Bling Giveaway for February" and this one too. Ag loved bling!

This is a special giveaway in honor of Ag and Kenny, to "Celebrate Love and Romance", which is what they did everyday of their lives! They also loved Chocolate, as we all do! Please visit the other blogs for great giveaways and enjoy "The Valentine's Day Blog Party" with love from me to you!

You will have to check back to see who won, the comments must be posted before 12 PM EST on Valentine's Day. I will announce the winner of this very special heart on Sunday afternoon!



simplydelicious said...

What an amazing story! I truly believe that we everything happens for a reason and stories like yours only convince me more. What a gift it must be to have Ag's sister as a friend. I, too, lost my very best friend several years ago. We met at the fence in kindergarten - she was at the Presbyterian kindergarten and I was at the Episcipalian school. We spent every recess at that fence for the rest of the school year and when we started first grade....there she was, sitting next to me. When I was invited to her house to spend the night, she lived only two blocks away! 35 years later, we were stil best friends. Although we lived several states apart, she was still my best friend - closer to me than any of my three sisters. A few years ago, I was sitting in class and got a clear image of her in an ambulance (she was hit by a car when she was 7). When I got home I learned that she had died suddenly from a heart attack. She was only 39. I feel lucky to have had a friend like Sally and not a day goes by that I don't remember her.

Vintage Heart 2 said...

Oh Mimi, you made me cry so hard. Thank you. I love my women friends with all my heart and cannot image your pain. BUT, I love our Lord more and His amazing gentle love for us. I am so grateful he sent the healing love of Ag's sister. How mighty is his work! What are the odds of finding her sister on Ebay!! Don't you just love it!

Thank you for always leaving me comments and for visiting me on my blogs. :)

If you would, please add my name to the "hat" for this most precious and treasured give away.
God Bless you Mimi,
Vintage Heart 2


What a beautiful story...your doily she made you is beautiful I am going off to find the pink bling giveaway...and thanks for your heartwarming story...opening your heart and blog home...I love stuff like your story!


I was counting quickly ..I have to peek around here more...but was it 22 pink blingies? I never win...but this sure was fun! Happiest of Pink Valentines to you!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What a blessing your friend Ag must have been to all who knew her! That is an amazing story. It certainly is a small world that years later you would "luck up on" her sister! Thank you for sharing this sweet story!

Altered Route said...

Great story!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Be sure to stop by my blog and enter the drawing for my Steampunk Heart!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh my gosh! What a story! Thx for sharing it with us!!

M ^..^

TattingChic said...

Thanks for inviting me to your Valentine's blog party! :)

Jenny Fowler said...

Oh how sad and sweet at the same time. Thank you for sharing your story. What blessing to have a great friend and great memories now. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Sharon House said...

What a touching story and such a beautiful tribute to your friend.

I adore old doilies! I am always "rescuing" them from thrift stores. My hubby just rolls his eyes when another one enters our home LOL For me it is about honoring the person who made the doily (even if I have no clue as to who they are). A lot of love went into every stitch...

Thanks for posting this story of love and friendship!

Happy Hearts Day,

Donna said...

That was a precious story and I'm so glad she was there for you! Thank you for the chance in another giveaway! Thank you also for visiting my blog.

Debbi said...

Mimi--love your story--it is always so nice to know a little more than just the present about my friends!
I am late to party :( but glad you invited me!
(((valentine hugs)))

ps--I am always looking for old doilies! I use them in many of my designs, they make me feel like I am at my grandma's old farmhouse.

Mary said...

Oh Mimi, this is just so beautiful! I miss several girlfriends that I have sadly lost touch with. I think woman were made for relationships like this. God Bless you for sharing from your heart!
Mary from Shades of Wyldemor

Graceful Rose said...

Hi Mimi. I am too late to win the doily but enjoyed your story so much. I lost a good friend to cancer also so I can relate. What about meeting her sister. Is that a coincidence or what?
Have a great day!

Vintage To Chic said...

Oh Mimi! What a wonderful story. So many people wonderful people come into our live and some for a short season but leave such a lasting impression. God Blesses us in so many ways.


Dragonlady said...

That is a truly amazing and loving story, I enjoyed it and thank you for sharing it...I signed up to follow your blog....Love all I have seen here, you are very talented...
Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story about Ag and the serendipity of contact with her sister! A friend like Ag is a blessing to you, and with this story, her life has touched many more of us too.

I will go check out the Pink Bling Giveaway.

Please, come on over and leave a comment for my giveaway drawings!

Have a great Valentines Day!
Lots of Love your way!

rebecca ~ justgiddy

Linda said...

OMG, as if I haven't cried enough you went and made me cry some more,LOL. What a lovely story and such a blessing to have a friend like Ag. I know she is truly missed.Thank you for sharing.
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Be sure to stop by my blog for my away.

myminimocs said...

this post broke my heart and gave me joy all at the same time. what a wonderful tribute you've given to these 2 sister who have so impacted your life! i thank you for sharing your story and i am deeply touched by how lovingly it was told!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story! I am amazed at your generosity of this most special gift.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. That a testament to love on this day.



GEORGIA said...

Mimi...What a truly touching story! Ag was fortunate to have had you as her special friend! Thanks for sharing your story!
Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!!
Grandma G's

Pearl said...

I wept as I read this touching story of friendship and love... My Grandmother was named Agnes, and lived in N.C. ... Thank you for sharing this part of your heart... Please visit when time allows and get some of my Freebies, Vintage Valentine's! I know I'm too late to have a chance to win your sweet give~away... there are so many blogs to visit with this Party, and I am not able to move very fast... Your blog is lovely, and I look forward to reading more...

♥ ~ HAPPY ~ ♥
♥ ~ DAY! ~ ♥


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful story. I got chills when reading it was Ag's sister. All things happen for a reason (I believe) and I'm so touched you were able to get in touch with your best friend's sister. Maybe Ag had a little something to do with it. I'm a day late, but I'm so glad I came and read this touching story about you and your friend. Who else but your best friend is going to let you buy the beautiful, antique bed that YOU want? Now, that's a friendship made in Heaven. Happy day, Mimi and thank you for sharing.

Country Wishes said...

What a lovely story and what a fabulous doily.. Thanks for sharing.

valentine's philippines said...

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