Tuesday, February 3, 2009

****Etsy Thread Artists Team Artistic Color Challenge****

Etsy is having a Thread Artists "Team Artistic" Color Challenge and I just wanted everyone to see the beautiful work Mary Ann, a wonderful friend of mine, does! Her work is absolutely beautiful. I get a lot of my crocheted items from Mary Ann. She honestly, I think, can crochet anything. It's truly becoming a lost art!

I remember when I was a kid and my grandmother would sit and crochet in the evening while we were watching "Gunsmoke", on Saturday night, she used to create the most beautiful things! They can't make a machine to recreate beautiful doilies like this one! My grandma tried to teach me, but at the time I wasn't interested in learning, sure wish I would have, but then I guess I wouldn't have met Mary Ann. (There is a very long story behind on how we met and it truly is something very special!! I believe to this day, God had in his plan!)

Please take the time to visit The " Etsy Thread Artists Blogspot", and vote for Mary Ann! You will see some amazing work by these talented ladies! Vote here for Mary Ann!! Click on the "Triple Pink Valentine's Heart & Lace Doily! It's pink and oh so beautiful!!

Are you looking for something special, visit Mary Ann at her etsy shop. Just a note, my one day Valentine Giveaway will be something from Mary Ann's beautiful creations! So be sure to check back, the Valentine's Giveaway will be posted on February 13th early and will close at 12 PM on the 12th! The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day!

One more thing, don't forget about My "Pink Bling" Blog Giveaway for February. Check out what you have to do to have a chance to win this month's giveaway! It's like a "Scavenger Hunt", but an easy one!! Have fun! Don't forget to leave a comment! Have a Sweet Day!



Catherine said...

That is a lovely doily. My grandmother taught me to crochet and now that`s how I relax as well as being creative.

That tea cup in my blog is indeed Lustreware. I did some research this morning.

You have a great day!

Linda said...

I envy anyone that has the patience and the eyesight to crochet with the smaller threads. Like Catherine my grandmother got me started crocheting and I will always remember the wonderful times we had together.


I just love your blog! It is just gorgeous, wish I had the knack...