Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Perfect Gift ~ Handmade Valentine Vintage Chenille Yummy Confections Cupcakes and More~

Are you looking for something special to tell someone (your mom, daughter, sister or best friend) how wonderful you think they are? These gorgeous Vintage Chenille Cupcakes from Mimi's Rose Yummy Confections Bakeshop, are the Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day! Each one is freshly baked using the finest ingredients! The ingredients include vintage chenille in various flavors, silk taffeta roses, sometimes even sugared glitter for each Handmade freshly baked Vintage Chenille Cupcake. We have many on the menu ~ just take a peek at the pictures, this is just a sampling! The lucky person who receives these as a gift for Valentine's Day will be absolutely delighted! Each Yummy Confection Cupcake measures approximately 5" tall and are great for a pincushion, paper weight or just displaying anywhere for a wonderful Victorian, Shabby Chic or Traditional Home! They will honestly think they are real when they receive this Yummy Confections Cupcake from Mimi's Rose Yummy Confections Bakeshop at Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique!

You can also purchase the "Valentine's Day Special 1/2 Dozen Assorted Cupcakes". They will come in assorted flavors chosen by our resident Baker, surely as you can tell, they will be the most scrumptious ever!

What something other than a Cupcake? We have Tea Cakes, Tea Cake Squares and Delicious Cakes all available on the menu at Mimi's Rose Yummy Confections Bakeshop!

While there make sure to look at the Gorgeous "Rose Lights" Teacup Lights. This is another one currently available. It's absolutely to die for! Roses, Pink and Cameo Bone China Teacup Light!
My blog giveaway this month is a "Rose Lights", Teacup Light! There are some gorgeous ones with beautiful Roses, perfect for a baby's room, a powder room or anywhere you want a touch of Romantic Lighting! If you haven't seen it, click on the banner on the left with Roses "Mimi's Rose Blog Giveway for January", it will take you directly the post or you can just click here!


Jacalyn @ said...

Gosh, they look so yummy I want to eat one! I bet you hear that all the time!


Rose Haven said...

These are all just precious!!

I hope you'll be able to join in with a post on Thursday...when we hostess CHENILLE DAY on our blog.