Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Wonderful World of Chenille!

You can tell the difference between an "all cotton" chenille bedspread and one which was made during the era of "polyester". There will be a distinct sheen to the spread itself and it will also have the "pill" effect and be rough to the touch! Though there may be some which are pretty, they are not considered a "collectible" especially if you are looking for true "Vintage Chenille"!

My collection consists of approximately 225 spreads. I started collecting them about 7 years ago! It became an obsession! When my husband and I travel, we "treasure hunt" everywhere we can. Now my hubby even looks for them when he goes somewhere without me! So he has become addicted too! He went several years ago to see his mom, in Iowa, flew by plane and when he was home, he went to all the antique malls there, called and said he had found 5! Whew hoo, was I excited! There was a problem though, how to get them home, since he flew! While the innovative person he is, decided he would ship them back! I was so excited and when the box arrived ~ before he did ~ there were some wonderful vintage chenille bedspreads in this box! Wedding cake, rosebud, and even a Hoffman Daisy Pink Spread, not to mention that "Rosebud" by Morgan Jones! The most well known manufacturers, were Cabin Craft, Hoffman, RetRac (which by the way, spelled backwards, turn it around, It's Carter), and of course Morgan Jones, who made the infamous "Rosebud" we all love!

Now, mind you, I have many which I could never bare to cut, these are a true work of art! I truly feel they deserve to be preserved and I will pass them onto my granddaughter, Lauren, who is the "Rose" in Mimi's Rose! With that being said, unfortunately, there are many vintage chenille bedspreads which have been used and used, lovinly of course, these are the ones I prefer to use when I create my boutique clothing and other wonderful items! The colors are still very vibrant and the designs, textiles and overall appearance of these spreads continue to amaze me. I often wonder how do they still look the way they do, after some of them being almost 70 years old! I sure hope I look this good when the clock strikes 70!

If you visit the "home page" of my website, you will see just a sampling of the spreads Ihave or have had in the past! I also have a Hoffman Pink Daisy and a gorgeous Cameo Rose Spread on my website for sale at the present time.

Here are just a few of my beloved collection! I truly love the "Wedding Cake" designs, but all of them are my favorites!

If I pictured them all, you would be here all day! Mind you, I am not boasting, this just tells you what an addiction I have for Vintage Chenille Bedspreads! Enjoy!


Raggedy Girl said...

That must be an amazing collection. Jan has sparked my love of chenille with her special day and her love for her collection. Thank you for sharing some of your beautiful spreads.
Roberta Anne

Jeanne said...

Mimi, I love your chenille that you shared today. Lovely to see and have for a collection. they are not so easy to find now. At least not the really fine ones. thanks for sharing.


Country Wishes said...

That is some of the most beautiful chenille I have ever seen! I have a few of my own but none as spectacular as that..

tsslug said...

I love your chenille.
Really nice.
God bless.

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing. There is nothing like the beauty of true vintage chenille.

Anonymous said...

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