Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Friday Flea Market Finds at Mimi's Rose!

I have two great items for Friday Flea Market! The first is a very Shabby Chic Candlestick Holder, which is actually been created from an old porch balustrade! It's truly shabby with chippy white paint. It has a handpainted rose with leaves and vines! There are six available, perfect for all of your shabby chic decorating!

Shabby Chic Candlestick Holder ~ approximately 12" in height. $12.99 Plus Shipping. Just click on "Buy Now" and it will take you directly to Paypal.

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Perfect for loose powder or even a small jewelry box! The lid opens and is approximately 3 inches deep and 5 inches across! This item is this a rare find and I was truly tickled (not pink though) when I saw this on my travels this past weekend while in Williamsburg, VA! It's a loose powder holder, complete with the powder puff. It has four small gold round balls for the feet and it is in great condition (almost new) , no chips, cracks or missing rhinestones. The color is a soft wonderful light blue with plastic flowers, wonderful metal leaves and rhinestones for the center of the flowers. There are also rhinestones around the outer edge of the top, which is hinged. Inside, there is a place on the lid, where you can tuck your new powder puff! The powder puff itself has an area where the stitching has come loose, but you would certain want to replace it anyway! You can purchase this item directly from the blog, just click on the "Buy Now", it will take you directly to Paypal.

Loose Powder Holder or Jewelry Box ~ $18.99 plus shipping
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Look at the previous posts, for all of the items in the first picture, everything together makes a great Shabby Chic Vignette! All of the items in the pictures are listed in previous Friday Flea Market Finds from Mimi's Rose!

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