Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anything Pink Sale at Mimi's Rose ~ Insect Prevention for your Lawn

Here's the next in a series of posts on lawn care, gardening and just general things you can do in these areas to ensure everything is pest free and beautiful.

Today's post is about how to control bugs in your lawn. Yes, every lawn has bugs. To debug and disease-proof your lawn there are two tonics to help you control insects. So read on about how to get rid of them, again using things which are readily available in your home, or easily purchased at the grocery store!

You must do this before anything else ~ read and heed this please:
Take a 20 gal. hose-end sprayer and pain the word "Warning" in red on the jar with red nail polish. Then add an orange golf ball (it's like an agitator and use this sprayer only to apply the pest or insect control at their recommended rate, the tonic recipe is below!

To debug and disease- proof your lawn, before you apply any chemical insect control, mix this tonic in your 20 gal. hose-end sprayer. Then followup within one hour, with an application of Dursban or Diazinon at the recommend rate.

1 cup of Fels Naptha Soap Solution*
1 cup chewing tobacco juice**
1 cup antiseptic mouthwash

*How to make the Fels Naptha Soap Solution:
Shave 1" of the Fels Naptha Bar Soap into an old nylon stocking and place into a gallon of boiling hot water, along with 4 oz. of children's shampoo or liquid dish detergent, remember don't use an antibacterial dish detergent, use the inexpensive kind. You can save what you don't use, because there are many more mixtures or tonics you can use this for and will find in other posts later. Here is a link where you can purchase Fels Naptha Soap, if you can't find it at your grocery store: Here is another link for more great uses for this soap. I remember my grandmother always having and using this soap! This soap is great for many things, even Poison Ivy Control. This link tells you about Fels Naptha and the many uses it has!

Before you apply any chemical insect control, mix the "Insect Control Tonic" recipe below in your 20 gal. hose-end sprayer and apply after 7 PM.

**How to make the Insect Control Tonic:
1 cup liquid dish soap
1/2 chewing tobaco juice
2 tbsp. Witch Hazel
4. tbsp. Instant Tea

IMPORTANT***** In recent years soap manufacturers have added degreasers and antibacterial ingredients to their products. These are VERY harmful to your plants and most likely will burn or kill them. When a home gardening technique calls for liquid dish soap be very careful that you use only Ivory or Fels Naptha Solution. You can also use the original liquid lemon type detergent which has no additives, just be careful that it does not contain a degreaser or is antibacterial.

Tomorrow's post will be about 'Weed Control" for your Lawn, along with another tonic to use! Stay tuned for more!

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Have a Great Sunday, thanks for stopping by my blog, hope these garden tips will help beautify your yard!



Michelle said...

Oh Mimi!!! I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I could discover yours! I so need help with my green thumb. It's just terrible and I was scrolling down looking at all your tips. I love it!! I also love your boutique. Those "desserts" are so adorable. Ohmigosh, I have so much to look at on your blog, gotta go!

Barbra joan said...

Mimi, thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my blog. It just inspires me to keep going. I must say that of all the blogs I visit yours is such a treat for the eyes, talk about making one smile! Rose, Sage and cream are my favorite colors. Your blog is something I would hang on my wall if I could. ! LOL!

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