Monday, March 30, 2009

Mimi's Rose Sale & Garden Tip #5 Pre-Emerge Weed Control for your Lawn

Now is the time to get rid of all those weeds in your yard, like crabgrass and any other unsitely weed, even though it's green, get rid of them using this Tonic! Do this as soon as possible in the spring, and apply any pre-emerge weed control Before 12 Noon and water with your 20 gal. hose-end sprayer. Remember this tonic recipe will cover a 2500 sf lawn. The following tonic will "Shine Up" your Landscape!

Please remember to use the 20 gal. hose-end sprayer you marked with the word "Warning" on it in red with nail polish and use this sprayer for insect or weed control only! If you didn't do this, then read this post and follow the directions please!

Here's the Pre-Emerge Weed Control Tonic ~ again you aren't going to believe how simple it is and what's in it ~ so here's the "recipe". This will really "Zing" the weeds!

Pre-Emerge Weed Control Tonic for Your Lawn:
1 Cup liquid dish soap or children's shampoo (this removes the seed shell protection from the weeds)
1 Cup of Hydrogen Perioxide
2 tbsp. Instant Tea
You can also add your favorite liquid pre-emerge control to this tonic.

If you prefer to use "dry" pre-emerge controls, you can add 1 Cup of "Dry Laundry" detergent to the purchased "dry" pre-emerge controls. This will also remove "seed shell" protection from the unsitely weeds in your lawn!

Again, apply this with the 20 gal. hose-end sprayer, marked with the word "Warning"before 12 Noon.

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I hope everyone is enjoying the Garden Tips and will find them helpful and useful! I love sharing this kind of information with everyone. Watch for another tip on Lawn care tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!


Bella Casa said...

Thank you for those tips, I really should try to use more natural items around the house and garden!

You have a cute blog :)

Thanks for visiting mine today!

Country Wishes said...

I will definately be trying the weed recipe!

Graceful Rose said...

Mimi, what great tips for the lawn and garden. I will try the weed killer. I love using natural products, they are safer and usually cheaper! Have great day!

Debi said...

Hi Debie,
Love, Love yout blog!!! Hubby is the one that takes care of the lawn,so I will pass the tip along to him. I know he would rather have no lawn and fill the yard with flower beds LOL!
Be back soon!

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Thanks!! Love all of your tips!

French Cupboard said...

I need all the gardening tips I can get :)

Easter Blessings... Polly