Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Hubby's 1932 Ford Coupe

Thought you all like to see what my retired husband does for his hobby! We have been married almost 39 years (oops, I am almost telling my age) and he has built cars since he was 16! His wonderful father taught him everything he knows! So this was his latest venture! He retired almost 4 years ago, wow, where did the time go! Anyway, he worked on this car, day and night for over a year! We go to Rod Runs, car shows and just out for a cruise on a Saturday night! This is his passion, but again, he is now ready to move on! I honestly was hoping this would be his last one ~ but no ~ he's got the bug again, so he has put it on eBay ~ not sure he will get what he wants and certainly deserves as a price, but it has a reserve, so I am not worried!! Thank goodness!

I honestly can't remember at this point, how many he has done, but he loves it and so I also enjoy what he does. My granddaughter, Lauren, (my little rose) loves to go for a ride with him on Saturday mornings, they head out for their breakfast together every Saturday! It has become a ritual! It's a real pleasure to watch the two of them take off.

Here is the video on You tube, it has some great oldies music and pictures. Enjoy it!

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