Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Upcoming Holiday Shows

Shabby Chic at it's Finest! Fun Chenille Clothing
& Home Decor created using Vintage Chenille!

This is my first post, I am so excited to find the time! I am busy doing final touches for the upcoming Holiday Shows I attend. The first one is "The Virginia Beach Christmas Market", held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. I have the same location as last year, which is right at the front door. The promoters, EMG Shows, Inc., are such wonderful hosts. Linda, Steve and Erin all do such a wonderful job! This is really a great show, you will find all kinds of great juried items. Show dates are November 28-30th! "Black Friday", as referred to in retail, yes, it starts the day after Thanksgiving and they swarm into the show! I truly think they hit the "early bird" specials at the stores and then head to The Virginia Beach Christmas Market. Here is a link to their website, hopefully it is updated: http://www.emgshows.com

The second show, is "The Bizarre Bazaar, 33rd Christmas Market in Richmond, Virginia. The show starts Wednesday evening, December 3rd with a "Gala Preview Event" and all proceeds from tickets purchased go to the Virginia Massey Center ~ for cancer, so it's a great cause! The show officially opens on December 4th and concludes on Sunday, December 7th. This is my first Christmas show in Richmond, but it is anything like the Spring Show, it will be great.

Below are some pictures from the 2007 Virginia Beach Christmas Market. My booth was full. Setting up the booth display is my favorite part, other than seeing my customers I only see twice a year, so I have a great time!

I have sent out my "Holiday Discount Newsletter" for those who have subscribed to my mailing lists. If you haven't signed up, now is a great time to do so! I am offering 20% discount for those who attend the show. For many, unfortunately, won't be able to attend, there is also a discount code for you to use. There are many great items on the website and many items which will be at the shows. If you are looking for something special, you can contact me and I will be more than happy to get back in touch with you!

Here is the link to sign up for my mailing list, I will be sending another one, later this month before the shows begin. Great way to save on your Holiday Shopping!http://www.mimisrosechenilleboutique.com/pages/newsletter.php
I have added a lot of new items to the website, make sure to Visit the "Vintage Chenille Yummy Confections Bakeshop"! Beautiful chenille baked goods which look like they are real, but don't let your hubby or kids eat them!


This gorgeous Yummy Confections Creation is freshly baked and decorated at Mimi's Rose Chenille Yummy Confections Bakeshop! This is just a sampling of what's on the menu! There are delicious cupcakes, teacakes, cake slices, and the most beautifully decorated cakes you will ever see! Use the cupcakes, teacakes or cake slices as a Pin Cushion! Click on the link above to see all of our "mouth-watering" Chenille Pastries!


Graceful Rose said...

Hi Debe (Mimi), So glad you have your blog up and running! It looks great. I love your pictures of all of your pretty items! I am sure you will do great at your upcoming shows! Best of luck!

Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

What a beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I absolutely love your work, my shutter is so pretty! Thanks, Mimi

Bunny said...

~ So happy you started blogging!! What a treat, its beautiful. Your Christmas Booth is amazing, really wonderful!! You are very talented, best of luck!!
Hugs ~ Bunny